Happy Christmas!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or whether it’s just a regular day. Thanks for popping by this year, whether you’re someone whose name I know or not. And if you’ve never said ‘hello’, please feel free! All comments welcome. Did anyone get any comics related gifts? […]

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2019 – Ten of the best in comics

It’s been a year of great comics, along with the inevitable mediocre and just plain poor ones. Things that made a big impression included the energised Superman titles under the pen of Brian Michael Bendis (with the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes some compensation for the ageing up of Jon Kent and subsequent loss […]

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DCOCD – Flashpoint

If you don’t know DCOCD, it’s the podcast in which Paul and Mike of Waiting For Doom – the world’s first, and greatest, Doom Patrol podcast – look at every DC event from Crisis to… well, who knows where it will all end. I do know that this week they’ve reached 2011’s Flashpoint shenanigans, and […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #2 review

Superboy’s first day at ‘future college’ is proving eventful. Legionnaire Ultra Boy has grabbed the legendary trident of Aquaman from Planet Gotham to stop it falling into the hands of either the villainous Mordru, or his own father, a powerful man on the world of Rimbor obsessed with tracking down fabled objects of power. Ultra […]

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Doomsday Clock #12 review

We’ve waited a long time, but, finally, Doomsday Clock gives DC fans what they’ve been waiting for. Yes, the return of the Canterbury Cricket, leading his World of Flashpoint comrades Mrs Hyde and Godiva, and fellow British heroes Knight and Squire, into battle. There was other stuff too. The also long-awaited confrontation between Superman and […]

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Suicide Squad #1 review

The Australian government has upgraded its defences with a slew of nuclear submarines, one carrying a nuclear warhead. A band of self-proclaimed Revolutionaries isn’t having it. Team teleporter Wink and birdman The Aerie give the general who announced these ‘crown jewels’ to the world a chance to evacuate the subs before they act. He refuses. […]

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Supergirl #37 review

Kara has been infected by poison created by The Batman Who Laughs, but rather than fall in with his gang of giggling geeks, she goes it alone. This sniggering Supergirl actually wants to help people. She’s approaching the acts of attempted heroism from a position of superiority, but is certainly not out to hurt the […]

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