Action Comics #52 review

Judge this book by its cover and you’ll likely throw it into the deepest pit. Whatever happened to John Romita Jr? His work since coming to DC has been getting odder and odder, his Superman so blocky he’s almost ready for a Lego movie. A terrific tease – the first meeting between New 52 and […]

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Secret Six #7 review

What’s the collective noun for mystics? Whatever is it, we need it for Secret Six #7, as pretty much all of DC’s magic-based heroes and villains hold a council of war. The problem? Black Alice, teenage sorceress and Secret Six member.  We knew she borrowed power from magical users but it seems there’s a previously […]

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Secret Six #1 review

What is the secret?  That’s the question on which this debut issue turns, as writer Gail Simone brings a fresh take on her superb Secret Six series to DC’s New 52 line. Fan favourites Catman and Black Alice are present and perhaps a little different, along with Strix from Birds of Prey, the Ventriloquist from […]

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Justice Society of America 21

Look at that cover – Alex Ross has entered his red period. Oh dear. Following on from last week’s excellent The Kingdom special, this sees the pro and anti-Gog factions of the JSA unite to battle the self-proclaimed god now he has shown his hand. Predictably, but satisfyingly, several members pay the price in a […]

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Justice Society of America 20

The blurb at the end of this issue tells us that next month’s story is ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ Coincidentally, that very notion was going through my mind this time. For a while I’ve been praying for the end of the Gog storyline; it has its pleasures, but is too drawn out for […]

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