Wonder Woman #602 review

Lord, that’s one scowly superheroine on Dan Kramer and Michael Babinski’s cover. I really didn’t feel like reading this book, it looks so bloomin’ unfriendly. While I’m used to a determined, warrior Diana, this image shows a woman with no heart, no soul … not someone I want to know. Inside, Diana is more like […]

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Superman: Secret Origin #6 review

It’s a weird time to be a Superman fan. No Superman strip in Action Comics, and a stranger in tights and cape in his eponymous book. Thank heaven, then, for the final issue of this comic, which I’d assumed came out months ago, and I’d missed. Thank heaven, because it’s the best single Superman story […]

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Superman/Batman #75 review

I’ve written a couple of posts in praise of the most recent storyline, with Lex Luthor taking advantage of a planet’s suspicion of Superman to sow the seeds of a future revenge plot. Knowing the story would culminate in this extra-length 75th issue, with the Legion of Super-Heroes guest starring, I was rather excited. I’m […]

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Power Girl #15 review

I hate super-characters whose names are acronyms. S.T.R.I.P.E., O.M.A.C., M.O.D.O.K. . . .Oh, hang on, I love M.O.D.O.K.Let’s call the large-headed one the exception that proves the wotsit. Dunno why, it just annoys me. Luckily I didn’t know the villain of the last two issues was named C.R.A.S.H. until near the end of this month’s […]

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Avengers Academy #3 review

The first six issues of this series are being narrated by the new characters who make up the student body. It’s a smart way to give us an insight into the newcomers, and change the perspective on the Avengers’ aim to ensure these troubled teens don’t turn to crime. In the spotlight this month is […]

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Supergirl #55 review

Amy Reeder debuts as cover penciller and provides a striking piece, inked by Richard Friend and coloured by Guy Major. The visualisation of Bizarrogirl as a bizarre reflection of Kara Zor-El is perfectly captured. It also serves to sell the essence of this issue – two beings who share so much, but can never understand […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #640 review

So far in the current telling of the post-One More Day history of Spider-Man, we’ve seen why Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson never made it to the altar. We know how Aunt May survived an assassination attempt. This issue we learn just how bad things get that Peter decides to ask for help to […]

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Booster Gold #35 review

Veteran comic book writers come in two varieties. The ones who can’t keep up with the next generation, and those who wipe the floor with them. Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis are the latter. In Booster Gold #35 they give us a noble hero, dastardly villain, guest stars, deadly weapon, plot, sub-plot, humour, characterisation, sound, […]

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Superman #702 review

Right, I’m halfway through the second issue of Superman’s walk across America. I just need to bang my head against the wall for one minute … … OK. I’m back. And I’ve read the rest of the comic. Dearie Lord, I don’t like the guy starring in this run by J Michael Straczynski. ‘Superman’ reaches […]

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