Superman #14 review

Intersecting with where Supergirl #14 left off last week, we see Kara arrive at Clark Kent’s apartment by the front door, compromising his dual identity. Before we catch up to that, though, Lois Lane drops by Clark’s place to ask him to reconsider last issue’s sudden resignation from his Daily Planet job. The conversation soon […]

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Superman #13 review

On the sixth day, he rested. For five days, Superman has been bench-pressing the earth’s weight, testing his limits with ‘omniologist’ Dr Shay Veritas. Back in Metropolis, he walks in on roomie Jimmy Olsen having sex in the shower with an unnamed woman. At the Daily Planet, in his Clark Kent mode, he lectures colleagues […]

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The Savage Hawkman #1 review

Carter Hall has had enough of being Hawkman. He drives to a remote spot, blasts and burns his costume and buries it. But the alien Nth Metal contained within the outfit isn’t done with him. Manifesting as a phoenix, it burns Carter. Next thing he knows he’s waking in his apartment, naked. A visit from […]

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Power Girl #23 review Power Girl and Superman are fighting magical dinosaurs, who they gonna call? Zatanna, stage magician and real-life enchantress. But as she’s all tied up with power leech Siphon, she’s bound to be silent. Her unavailablility tips the Kryptonian cousins off that she’s in need of a hand herself, so dispatching the dinos, they’re off to […]

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Power Girl #21 review

How things change. When Judd Winick came on as writer I said I didn’t want this book to continually tie into his other comic, Justice League: Generation Lost. But as the months have passed, the books have become more and more intertwined. And I love it. While odd scenes are repeated from title to title, […]

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