Moon Knight #1 review

I never bothered with the last series of Moon Knight after the first few issues; the idea of Marc Spector as a man with deep mental health issues ran out of steam fast. Warren Ellis was apparently unimpressed too, as he’s distancing Moon Knight from the schizophrenia business. He’s not just ignoring it, though – […]

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Ms Marvel #1 review

Kamala Khan is 16 and your average Jersey girl. Your average Jersey girl trying to juggle her dual heritages as a Pakistani Muslim and an American teenager. Her best friend is embracing her Muslim identity, her brother is abusing his, her mother wants her to be a good Muslim girl and her father, while more relaxed, […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #673 review

Manhattan’s tenure as Spider Island is over. Having been given Spider-Man’s abilities, then transformed into giant arachnids, virtually the entire population is waking up after the cure with a fuzzy memory … and a distinct lack of clothing (click on image to enlarge). So there’s no better name for this epilogue than The Naked City. […]

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