Batman #50 review

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. The wedding of Batman and Catwoman. Would it take place, though? That’s the question that’s hung over Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle ever since they announced their engagement. So far as I’m concerned, it was a big Why Not? I grew up with Earth 2 Batman and […]

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Batman #12 review

Batman is fighting his way across Bane’s Santa Prisca stronghold. Dozens of thugs stand in his way but he’s determined to snatch Psycho Pirate from him and take him back to the US. He wants the mind-mangling villain to restore the sanity he stole from troubled young heroine Gotham Girl.  That’s what’s happening in the pictures. […]

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The Brave and the Bold 16 review

A few years ago, Superman answers the bat signal, covering for his out of town pal. He’s soon teamed up with Catwoman to stop the underworld auction of ‘a map to some hidden cave just outside the city’. Ulp. That’s the set-up for a truly delightful issue of one of the best superhero books on […]

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