Miracleman Annual #1 review

Having read the UK Marvelman stories as they appeared in the Eighties, then their US continuation as Miracleman, I’ve been able to avoid Marvel’s overpriced reprints. An annual of new material, though, that sounded good. Especially as one of the stories has a Grant Morrison script and art by Joe Quesada, and the other, work […]

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Justice League Dark #4 review

Good Lord, this is dark stuff. Of course, the clue’s in the title, but I’ve rarely seen a non-‘mature’ book play with such disturbing imagery. Scalping, killer kids, women losing their heads … The opening serial of this DC New 52 series sees a bunch of supernatural players – ‘heroes’ might be overstating it, in […]

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Justice League Dark #1 review

Super-heroine the Enchantress is broken. Gone mad, her gnarled form hurls hideous spells at the Justice League of America. Elsewhere, simulcra of her former host, June Moone, walk into the path of motorway traffic, dying horribly. Watching from afar, tarot reader Madame Xanadu tells alien madman Shade the Changing Man that only specialists can repair […]

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Fear Itself: The Home Front #1 review

Civil War: Front Line; Secret Invasion: Front Line;  Siege: Embedded – Marvel’s gotten into the habit of publishing side series to show us how the big events affect the man – or minor hero – in the street. Or perhaps they’re intended as an illustration of the law of diminishing returns, as each has proven less enjoyable, […]

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