DCeased: Dead Planet #7 review

There’s a famous feature in Mad! Magazine titled Scenes We’d Like To See, and that’s just what the conclusion of this mini-series delivers. And I don’t mean simply in terms of the story, the conclusion to Tom Taylor’s cycle of adventures set in an alternate DC Universe. Not at all – if this issue’s climactic […]

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Immortal Wonder Woman #1 review

Before DC’s two-month Future State event began the company produced a free magazine, with features about the characters. Almost hidden at the bottom of a couple of pages was a timeline, making it clear that different comics were happening in different years. So although the Gotham-set books all reflect a Bladerunner future, they’re not all […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #12 review

FIGHT! That sums up this conclusion to the first year’s worth of the new Legion of Super-Heroes – most of the extra-entertaining issue is a big fight as the United Planets’ teen team defends New Krypton from Mordru and Rogol Zaar. After a gorgeous cover executed in colour by Ryan Sook, the issue opens with […]

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Truth & Justice #1 and #2 review

A new DC Digital First series always gets my attention, I love these cheap weekly treats. And this one stars Vixen, one of the best heroes out there. While other characters have been horribly mischaracterised over the years >cough Supergirl cough< Mari McCabe has always been well-treated. From her first spotlight in Justice League of […]

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