Thunderbolts #145 review

I never saw the end of last issue coming, as Baron Zemo returned to claim the new Thunderbolts. I never saw the beginning of this issue approaching either, but I liked it every bit as much. I won’t spoil this surprising turn – yup, I’m trying to push the undecided into buying, here – but […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #2 review

Titan has blown up and the Legion are reacting on two fronts. There’s a sub-team in space looking after search and rescue and another on Earth trying to keep peace at the camp set up for Titan refugees. Saturn Girl is in the timestream searching for her missing kids. Lightning Lad and Lass are leaving […]

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Power Girl #13 review

The opening panel of this debut issue by new creative team Judd Winick and Sami Basri has Karen referring to her complicated past – survivor of a parallel Krypton, and all that. My initial reaction is, give it a rest. That storyline’s been done to death, Can’t we just ignore the convolutions of Power Girl’s […]

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Supergirl #53 review

After a long run of Supergirl covers by Josh Middleton, we’re about to begin a series by Amy Reeder. In between, though, here’s an illustration by series artist Jamal Igle. And isn’t it vibrant? Perfectly composed, beautifully executed, it’s a lovely take on a motif perfected by cousin Kal. Is there something I’m not getting? […]

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Superman #700 review

James Robinson and Bernard Chang say goodbye to Superman, J Michael Straczynski says hello and Dan Jurgens says, what, that old thing? I like that this issue bridges the gap between two creative teams, that is, Robinson and recent partner Chang, and JMS and Eddy Barrows. Robinson gives us a simple tale of Superman and […]

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Birds of Prey #2 review

Black Canary and Huntress are confronted by mystery woman the White Canary and the former is in a proper tizzy. ‘Something about this particular nutcase makes me have to fight to keep from running.’ What it is, I don’t know. So far, the newcomer has simply been standing there, glaring at the heroines like Paddington […]

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Magog #10 review

You know you’re old when you see Tommy Tomorrow in a comic, assume he’s on a sortie from the future, then realise that our present day has caught up with the fella. It’s the 21st century? Really? Yipes. No jetpacks, just $2.99 comics. One of which is this, my first issue of Magog. Firstly, because […]

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The New Avengers #1 review

Luke Cage, quit that &?*£!% cussing, this is the Heroic Age. Yes indeedy, the New Avengers get shiny in this second volume, with Cage and co moving into a rebuilt Avengers Mansion and finally considered good guys in the eyes of the world. The story kicks off with Dr Strange meeting a possessed Son of […]

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