Supergirl #24 review

When we last saw Supergirl, she was dead, her flesh stolen by the Cyborg Superman in his bid to learn who he once was. And the answer? Kara’s presumed dead father, Zor-El. This issue opens with the revelation that Kara’s consciousness survives, having joined the I’noxian planetary collective. She’s manifesting as a child version of […]

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Supergirl #23 review

Supergirl is besieged by her memories, brought to life by the shape-shifting I’noxians. Her cousin, the Justice League, the Worldkillers, Silver Banshee, Tycho, Superboy, H’el .. they’re attacking her physically and mentally. And while she knows they’re not the genuine article, they can hurt her both ways. Finally, the assault stops and the creature behind […]

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Supergirl #22 review

Last issue, Supergirl fled into deep space, having accepted the idea that Kryptonite poisoning was going to kill her. Enticed to the world of I’noxia, she found a place that could be reshaped by her memories. Then she met a horrific figure, someone who looked like her cousin, but with limbs replaced by sinister technology. […]

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Batgirl #19 review

Batgirl’s entry for DC’s month of surprising gatefold covers suggests she may have to murder pesky brother James Gordon Jr. He’s the guy who’s been sniffing around Gotham hatching lunatic plans to terrorise his father, mother and sister. Without revealing who he was, he even took Barbara’s roommate Alysia out on a date, and gifted […]

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Legion Lost #15 review

One more issue and this book is gone. I can stand it. Not just because the Legion of Super-Heroes is meant to to be the 31st century’s biggest team, so splitting off members and dumping them in the 21st century harms the concept. The main reason is because, more often than not, this series is […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #6 review

It’s the final issue of this expanded look at the origins of the Legion of Super-Heroes and it’s confirmed that the figure behind the attacks on team benefactor RJ Brande is the Time Trapper. This issue starts with him influencing United Planets Security Directorate member Mycroft to take out Brande, but it turns out Brande isn’t alone […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #5 review

The Legion’s first attempt to recruit Superboy in the 21st century is stymied when an unknown, powerful force reaches out and tosses their new time bubble back to the future. In the 31st century that same being is possessing United Planets security wallah Mycroft and ordering him to kill Legion benefactor RJ Brande. Having returned […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #4 review

As the newly formed Legion of Super-Heroes grows, the mysterious attacks on backer RJ Brande continue. Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid and Colossal Boy sign up, though Brainiac 5 resists the idea when Phantom Girl suggests he does too. The Science Police gripe to the United Planets about the Legion poaching its potential recruits, but the […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #3

In which Phantom Girl signs up, Invisible Kid shows up and a spaceship blows up. Said unfortunate craft is coming through a wormhole in United Planets space, and it’s assumed to be the latest assault from whoever attacked the planet Amatrom. Given its seeming size, Admiral Allon’s fleet is taking no chances and with the […]

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