Fantastic Four #576 review

The Fantastic Four battle the soldier scientists of A.I.M. when both discover a new undersea realm. That’s the basics of this issue’s story, the second of writer Jonathan Hickman’s Prime Elements four-parter. The specifics left me with mixed feelings. I enjoyed the first third of the book hugely, as Sue sets up the mission and […]

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Thunderbolts #141 review

It’s a Siege tie-in so the Thunderbolts are off to Asgard to purloin the fabled Spear of Odin. No one’s actually sure what it does, but when Norman Osborn tells the bad boys ‘steal’, they steal – though not until they’ve had their transport craft downed by Hogun the Grim. Luckily they’re near the Asgardian […]

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Wonder Woman #41 review

And I have to write about this on my blog, but not because it’s awful. This is a wonderful comic, as two of DC’s foremost femmes fight and neither one comes off looking like a pillock. It’s traditional for an otherwise star to get a slightly worse showing when they’re guesting, but Diana proves a […]

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Superman #697 review

Behind a lovely Cafu cover featuring the slobberiest Krypto ever, it’s bits of Legionnaire business all round. The Espionage Squad finally reveals itself to Mon-El; police colleagues, the deli guy, a hover-cam . . . future teens all. But we still don’t learn what Chameleon Boy, Tellus, Starman, Sensor Girl, Matter-Eater Lad, Element Lad and […]

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Ultimo #1 review . . .

. . . Stan Lee has lent his name to a manga book, Ultimo, by Hiroyuki Takei, about two porcelain dolls that come to life to manifest the eternal struggle between Good and Evil. I’m woefully ignorant of manga, but took a look at it anyway. And in the spirit of crossover comics I’m giving […]

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Tiny Titans #25 review

They’re making comics you know, but not for me. I love that DC publishes a line for little kids, and have drooled over the like of Batman: The Brave and the Bold on occasion. Tiny Titans? Not so much? I tried a collection of Art Baltazar and Franco’s stories, then filed it under ‘colourfully bland’. […]

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Supergirl #50 review

It’s Supergirl’s big anniversary issue, a time to celebrate. So why am I feeling a bit flat? The story’s inventive enough, with Supergirl battling to save Metropolis from Insect Queen. There are heroics aplenty, and Kara impresses by designing the tech that saves the day, something her more famous cousin couldn’t do. There’s a strong […]

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Secret Six #18 review

The Secret Six’s encounter with the Suicide Squad concludes here with the factions teaming up to take down the Black Lantern Homicide Squad. Their secret weapon tallies with what we know about their weaknesses, but to my knowledge it’s a first for the Blackest Night crossover. This issue also sees the climax to Squad leader […]

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Titans #22 review

It’s the final issue of The Titans. Well, sort of. The book continues next month with murdering madman Deathstroke helming a new villains-for-hire team, but no one cares. So let’s say goodbye to Nightwing, Raven, Flash . . . . . . hang on, none of them have featured roles here. Let’s say goodbye to […]

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