Superman #40 review

I’m a Superman guy. It’s usually the first book I read. This week, it almost lost that ‘honour’, when I noticed it was a fill-in written by regular artist John Romita Jr. Surely that could wait, after all, so many intriguing, Convergence books, the end of Multiversity… Maybe a quick read over breakfast.  Oh boy. […]

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Forever Evil #7 review

It’s the last issue of DC’s latest event and … does anyone still care? Forever Evil #7 has been delayed by a few months, it wasn’t that great in the first place and we’ve seen how the big plot points were resolved. Luthor saves the world? Check. Nightwing still alive and with a new mission? […]

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The Fury of Firestorm #20 review

With just 20 pages in which to wrap up Firestorm’s title, writer/artist Dan Jurgens gives us six villains, one special guest hero, one new anti-hero, a big surprise and the beginning of the next chapter in the heroic career of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond. That’s a lot to handle, but Jurgens is one of […]

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Superman Family Adventures #12 review

The good news is that this is another wonderful issue of Superman Family Adventures. The bad news is, it’s the last, with sales not having matched quality. Still, let’s not weep – we’ve had a year’s worth of fantastic all-ages comics starring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto, Ma Kent … and they’re all back in this […]

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Vibe #1 review

DC’s ad campaign for this book has baffled me. ‘The unlikeliest hero’ proclaims the cover. ‘The League’s most unlikely member …’ yells the house ad. Yes, the original Vibe wasn’t a popular character when created for a 1980s JLA revamp – blame breakdancing and dodgy street slang. But that was the 1980s, and the character […]

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Superman #16 review

As the Justice League tries to reclaim Superman’s Fortress of Solitude from him, H’el tells Supergirl his tale. He’d already given the bare bones, but now she gets a richer narrative of his beginnings as an astronaut sent into space by Superman’s father Jor-El in a bid to save Krypton’s people from dying with their […]

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Supergirl #16 review

We’re still in the Superman Family’s H’el on Earth crossover, with the Flash trying to rescue Supergirl from the influence of creepy Kryptonian H’el. Kara, though, doesn’t believe she needs rescuing. She’s bought H’el’s claims that together they can go back in time and rescue her homeworld and thinks that Superman is having his Justice […]

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Justice League of America #54 review

New JLA artist Brett Booth immediately shows us what he can do with a grimly powerful cover. Inside he gamely illustrates writer James Robinson’s latest whirlwind tour of the DC Universe, producing some memorable images. Chief among them is the dark god Syththunu, an HR Giger Alien by way of HP Lovecraft, though the French villain Bete-Noire is also […]

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