The Terrifics #1 review

Michael Holt, the superhero known as Mr Terrific, isn’t a happy bunny. While he’s been off saving reality from the Dark Multiverse, sneaky billionaire Simon Stagg has stolen his hi-tech business. Well, depending on your point of view The large gentleman’s name is Java, defrosted caveman and Stagg’s number one lackey. Java takes Mr Terrific […]

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Superman #41 review 

When we left them, Superman and son Jon were fleeing a horde of angry natives. Having learned that the world is soon to explode, like Krypton, they’ve come to save the no-doubt-grateful aliens. Except, they don’t wish to be saved. So far as the people of Galymayne are concerned, planet death is the will of […]

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Super Sons #13 review 

Two weeks into term at the West-Reeve School, Jon Kent is having a ball… … but Damian Wayne would rather be anywhere else.  At lunchtime, Damian’s mom drops by, and when your mother is the daughter of League of Assassins chief Ra’s al-Ghul, you can bet she’s not come to drop off a sandwich.  Damian, […]

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Supergirl #18 review 

It’s Kara Danvers’ first prom but it could be the last dance for Supergirl. The extraterrestrial Evolutionist has interrupted the school party and is calling out the Girl of Steel. While Kara slips off to change into her Kryptonian uniform, her friend Ben Rubel steps up. DEO Agent Ocampo – stationed at the school with […]

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Young Monsters in Love #1 review

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, when a young man’s heart turns to… horror. Well, that’s the idea behind this 80pp giant from DC Comics, as a mass of monstrous folk wrestle with their softer sides. We begin with Man-Bat, longtime friendly foe of the Batman. Kirk Langstrom is keeping his alter ego at bay, but the […]

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Superman #40 review 

Jon Kent has been Superboy for awhile but he’s nowhere near blasé. The exhibits in his father’s Fortress of Solitude have him wide-eyed. But the likes of the interplanetary zoo and crystalline statues of his grandparents are nothing compared to the latest display… a holographic ‘film’ of the moment Krypton died.  The alarm represents the […]

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X-Men Red #1 review 

A young girl flees a braying mob, warned of their imminent arrival by a voice in her head. They’re right behind her, but help shows up.  It’s a group of X-Men, led by Jean Grey, telepath and telekinetic. She’s here to offer a new life to the girl as her old one is ripped away.  […]

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Flash Annual #1 review 

It’s the 25th century and a security team is trying to work out what the heck happened at the Flash Museum.  ‘Meanwhile’, relatively, in 2017, not one, not two, but three Flashes are taking on The Top, master of centrifugal force. And occasionally, booby-trapped toy tops. None of them come into play today, which may […]

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