The Brave and the Bold 13

I enjoyed the longform plotline of the first year, but boy, it’s great to have a done-in-one, and a team-up we’ve never seen – Batman and the original Flash. Story and art are by Mark Waid and Jerry Ordway, and it’s a masterclass in how to tell an engaging, attractive story in a single issue. […]

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The Flash 240

Hey, that’s 20 years of Wally West. And hasn’t he grown, moving from self-interested whiner to caring dad. So how is his anniversary issue? Better than expected. The first two Tom Peyer-written issues were disappointing, dominated by Wally’s not-very-believable money problems and the worst Flash villain since Colonel Computron back in the Barry Allen days. […]

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This is a historic issue. A big moment in DC Universe history . . . . . . Zinda wears pants. It’s wrong, I tell you – Lady Blackhawk’s is one of the best-looking outfits in comicdom and has been since the Silver Age. How can you beat a black leather flying jacket and mini […]

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Justice Society of America 15

Now here’s a mess of a cover. It shows Gog and the JSA having a ruckus in front of a Big Purple Head (write your own gag here), but I had to work to make it out. It’s due to painter Alex Ross’ colouring, mainly, a mass of pink hues. It’s also the composition, with […]

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Justice League of America 21

Ooh look, this has one of Dan Didio’s brand, spanking new Sightings banners across the top. That means it’s important . . . . . . OK, ‘important’ seems to equate to ‘start grabbing readers for a crossover’ with this being a Final Crisis prologue; which is fine, but why not just put Final Crisis […]

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Huntress Year One 1

While I’d still rather see a Huntress tale set in the now, rather than another origin, this was a really nicely done comic. There were some superb bits of dialogue and narration from Ivory Madison, while Cliff Richards’ art popped.Basically, we had another look at Helena’s crime family being offed, and saw that after her […]

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Batman Confidential #17 review

It seems ages since DC announced All-Star Batgirl and it’s still not here. But should it turn up one day, I’ll be amazed if it’s more fun than this issue by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire. Part one of five, The Cat and the Bat is a straightforward chase scene involving Batgirl, in the early […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes 41

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 41 This just gets better by the issue. Jim Shooter continues his run on scripting duties – or rather, pleasures, he’s obviously enjoying himself – while new artist Francis Manapul shows up for the cover before letting former Ms Marvel and upcoming Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti strut his fill-in stuff. And […]

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ACTION COMICS 864 Awww, this just brought a big old smile to my face. Silver Age nostalgia meets 21st century (what else?) action. The story has Lightning Lad (my, that fella just won’t grow up!) dropping Superman off in the 21st century and staying for a reminisce in the Fortress of Solitude. They’re sitting in […]

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TEEN TITANS 58 In which the Terror Titans storyline continues. Having captured Kid Devil, Clock King and co set their sights on Miss Martian for reasons that will feed into the Final Crisis Dark Side Club storyline. Miss Martian isn’t going down without a fight, though – especially as her evil alternate future self is […]

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