Batman #16 review

The big action scene this issue sees Bronze Tiger break into Arkham Asylum to see the newly locked-up Psycho Pirate. But he’s not meant to be having visitors, so chaos ensues.  Two people are shot point blank, Batman is kicked in his recently cracked back, but fear not, this is Gotham, everyone’s fine. Bronze Tiger […]

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Mother Panic #1 review

The latest from DC’s Young Animal imprint, Mother Panic, centres on Violet Paige, Gotham celebrity and vigilante. She moves in the same circles as Bruce Wayne but isn’t a member of the Batman Family – her mission is her own.  What that is, exactly, we don’t learn in this first issue from writer Jody Houser […]

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Batman #2 review

New heroes on the block Gotham and Gotham Girl are chasing down Solomon Grundy, but not doing very well.  It takes Batman to stop the rampaging swamp monster. Gotham asks Batman to help them become better heroes. They get a chance later when a man who claims to have freed Grundy to go crazy in […]

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Batman #1 review

Na-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da BatMaths! That’s what this issue hinges upon as a missile fired by a Kobra cultist looks set to bring a plane down in the centre of Gotham. Batman may be able to send it somewhere less populated, but it’s a question of maths.  Helping Batman out are Alfred, with facts, and new sidekick Duke […]

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The Fox #1 review

I’ve never read a comic featuring the Fox. A Golden Age character, he didn’t survive long back then, and revivals and updates, even with the likes of the brilliant Alex Toth involved, never saw him gain any traction. Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid give the character a 21st-century polish in a five-issue mini-series from Archie […]

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Thor #615 review

It’s a while before Thor shows up in this first issue by the new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry, but there’s much to engage the interest before then. A mortal scientist tries to explain to an unseen Asgardian why he sees a crisis coming, with the reader given hints enough to guess […]

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