Justice League Dark #1 review

Magic is broken. All over the world, practitioners are being consumed by their spells, their corpses left grotesque and filled with a strange energy. Wonder Woman, the Justice League member most familiar with enchantments, has been tasked with putting a team of specialists together. But even occasional Leaguer Zatanna, who gladly accepts Diana’s help when […]

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Teen Titans #20 review

The new Teen Titans are on their latest mission – bringing down the current incarnation of the Church of Brother Blood. As the new members gel surprisingly well considering they’ve only worked together a handful of times, leader Robin thinks about how he recruited each one. First came Kid Flash, who served with Damian Wayne […]

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Wonder Woman #51 review

Some time ago, Wonder Woman sent would-be murderess Mayfly to jail for a long stretch. The last person she expects to visit her is Diana. But here she is. Maybe it’s Diana’s aura of truth, but despite her deep antagonism, Mayfly opens up. Diana visits once more. And continues calling every couple of months for […]

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The Flash #51 review

After spending the last several issues dealing with the news that the children he’d forgotten he even had are out there in the multiverse somewhere, Wally West has gone running. Running around the world, searching for Irey and Jai. But only around the world – his recent battle with Hunter Zoloman saw him and Barry […]

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Action Comics #1001 review

The first thing I like about this first issue of Action Comics by the new team of Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason is that on the opening splash it doesn’t kick off with the usual ‘DC Comics presents Superman’ but… … it’s a small distinction, but I like it – Bendis wants his two […]

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Batman #51 review

She’s not mentioned, but the shadow of the cat is all over this issue. Last time, Catwoman ran out on Batman rather than marry him, having been convinced that a happy Batman would be an ineffective Batman. This issue begins with Bruce Wayne offered what might be a welcome distraction – the trial of Mr […]

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2000 Dangerous For a Girl

In 2007, missing the old comic book letter columns, and dishearted by the downgrading of the DC message boards, I decided to try my hand at this new-fangled blogging thing. I started with a bit of a rant about bloated DCU events motivated by the non-ending of the Sinestro War. In 2018, here I am […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 review

It’s a brand new day for Spider-Man. Another. And it begins with a dream. Peter and Mary Jane atop a high spire in New York City. A rude awakening is provided by his and Robbie Robertson’s new roommate, Fred Myers, playing video games insanely loudly at 5am. Myers, like Peter, does some of his best […]

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Superman #1 review

Superman has flown into space, looking for his family. Lois and Jon left with Clark’s dodgy dad Jor-El for a summer adventure, but he’s lost contact and is desperate to find them. So desperate that after a run-in with evil aliens The Dominators… … he gives up and flies home. Back on Earth, he sets […]

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