Gods of War #2 review

The last time I reviewed an issue of Hercules I assumed it was the final number, but no, writer Dan Abnett was allowed to continue his story almost immediately in this renamed mini-series. So I was made an ass, but I couldn’t be happier and heck, man to donkey is a very Classical transformation and […]

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Hercules #6 review

OK, apparently no one listened to me and bought this comic, and here’s the final issue. There’s no overt acknowledgement in the book, just a post-final page direction to an upcoming Civil War 2 mini-series, Gods of War. That book sounds promising, but heck, I want a Hercules ongoing by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross! […]

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Marvels: Eye of the Camera 1

Fourteen years ago Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross made their first real impression on the comics industry with Marvels, a look at the early Marvel Universe through the eyes of news photographer Phil Sheldon. Ross’s next big project was Kingdom Come (with Mark Waid). For the last few months Ross has been revisiting the Kingdom, […]

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