Justice League #6 review

Earth is under attack by parademons from the evil world of Apokolips but seven superheroes have assembled to form our planet’s last, desperate defence. While five face down the leader of the invasion, Darkseid, two are stranded on his hellish world. Set five years in the past of the rebooted DC Universe, this comic features […]

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Teen Titans #6 review

Kid Flash’s run-in (sorry) with Superboy has left him out of synch and in danger of vibrating to death – can the rest of the Teen Titans find someone to save him? Who’s the emotion-controlling loony at STAR Labs who uses Skitter against the other teen heroes? And why is someone from the 31st century […]

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Aquaman #6 review

Mera goes shopping for dog food, breaks the arm of a sex pest, nearly kills a murderer, is confused by humans and makes a friend. She thinks back to how she came to Earth from a watery dimension intending to kill Aquaman, but changed her mind on learning that he’s a good guy. Yes, it’s […]

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The Flash #6 review

See that fridge in the kitchen? It’s a lot smarter than its equivalent of five years ago. And so is Captain Cold. The head of the Rogues’ Gallery has dumped his cold guns after internalising his power and is back to wage war on the Flash. And this time it’s personal. The electro-magnetic pulse which […]

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Superman #6 review

It’s Superman vs Supergirl. Again. We first saw this match only four months back, in Supergirl #2, but here it is once more. There are differences. That time Kara Zor-El, new to Earth, was lashing out against its greatest defender. Now she’s protecting the citizens of Metropolis as Superman lashes out against the city. And […]

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Legion of Super-heroes #6 review

Sun Boy, Element Lad and Chemical Kid venture to China to clean up an environmental disaster, while Dragonwing visits her sister elsewhere in  the country. At Legion HQ, Dream Girl puts the kibosh on Star Boy’s hopes of a long snogging session because she has a science project. On Panoptes, Brainiac 5 and Mon-El lead […]

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Supergirl #6 review

And this is where it all comes together. For five issues we’ve seen Kara Zor-El struggling to come to terms with being a stranger on a very strange world and the idea that her planet – her family, her friends – is lost. But this issue sees Kara accept the truth of her losses and […]

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Wonder Woman #6 review

In which Wonder Woman and newly discovered semi-sibling Lennox sort out the tussle for Olympus between claimants Hades and Poseidon by, er … … to be honest, I don’t really know. I know what I see, but not how the moments shown work together to tell the story. Diana, Lennox and pals Hermes and Zola […]

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New Mutants #37 review

I love it when comic books do holiday issues. This week DC tackles St Valentine’s Day in Batman: the Brave and the Bold #16, while Marvel takes up the love theme in New Mutants #37. But while I adored the former, I didn’t love the latter. The idea of lava lass Magma going on a […]

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