Mighty Avengers #35 review

Ultron is the number one Avengers foe, with twisted familial ties to numerous members. Most of all, though, he’s linked to Hank Pym, seeing himself as the son who, in the manner of ancient gods, must kill the father. Being the number one bad guy means he’s had numerous encounters with the team, each more […]

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Uncanny X-Men #522 review

Kitty’s coming home. That’s the message of Terry and Rachel Dodson’s pretty cover, and it persuaded me to buy. After all, Kitty Pryde has long been one of my favourites, from the day she was introduced as a gawky 13-year-old. She’s grown a lot since then, and not just in the predictable ways of comic […]

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Power Girl #10 review

I found myself reading this issue more slowly than usual, news of the creative team’s imminent departure having hit. But not too slowly. Said creative team know how to control the pace of the book, no matter how a reader might struggle so best to savour. So here we have the continuation of last issue’s […]

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Superman 80-Page Giant #1 review

It’s an 80-page giant, it’s seven new stories by creators DC describes as ‘up and coming talent’, but is it any good? We begin with Cold, written by Mike Raicht and drawn by Charles Paul Wilson III and, readers of the recent Superboy run in Adventure Comics will immediately note, coloured by Brian Buccellato. The […]

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Siege #3 review

In which the Cavalry whups Norman Osborn’s scaly green ass. The thing is, Captain America is back from the dead and Cap’s main super power in an Avengers book is to inspire. Lord knows how that works but he appears on the scene and suddenly the heroes of the Marvel Universe stop acting like losers […]

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Titans #23 review

Now here’s a novelty – a Titans story set on one of the other worlds in the DC Multiverse. While the team’s basic history – both ancient and recent – is the same, there are some interesting divergences. Rather than a nicely raised rich man’s ward, Speedy was a kid thug who taught Wonder Girl, […]

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Batman and Robin #10 review

‘The Return of Bruce Wayne begins here!’ yells the blurb on Frank Quitely’s grabby cover. Hmm, wonder how it’ll all end? Never mind, no one doubts the original Batman will be back soon. Meanwhile, I’m relishing the Dick/Damian partnership, which gets better with each outing. Forget their chalk and cheese personalities there’s a real affection […]

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