In brightest day, in far-off night

I’ve just finished the Sinestro Corps War Part 11 in Green Lantern 25. I’ve yet to read, also in this week’s pile of comics, Green Lantern Corps 19 (epilogue) and Ion 1 (spin-off). I have read all the Sinestro Corps specials – Superman Prime, Anti-Monitor and Cyborg Superman – and the odd tie-in such as […]

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Review – Supergirl 24 (DC)

Bless me father for I have sinned. I am weak. WEAK! Last issue I swore off this comic, as the new lead creative team of Kelly Puckett and Drew Johnson failed to grab me. Heck, they pretty much tossed me away, presenting a terribly confusing story of Supergirl on a space mission for Superman and […]

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There’s a great blog, Comics should be good, with a section on Comic Book Urban Legends. I’ve not read every episode, so I don’t know if this tale has been addressed. My chum Mark tells me that at DC in the 1970s Paul Kupperberg, Pablo Marcos and Vinnie Colletta were the official go-to guys when […]

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Four colours will do nicely,ta

Why are comics production values so high these days? I don’t want glossy paper, stiff covers and four million colours (that, at Marvel, always appear reddy brown). Back in the days of Bob Rozakis as DC Production Editor they reserved special formats for particular projects – inventing them when the right format didn’t exist, as […]

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OH NO SHE’S NOT! Tis the season to be jolly, so that means just one thing in theatres everywhere – pantomime! Panto not being big in the US (though stars such as Henry Winkler and Paul Michael Glaser are coming over here to take part), it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a superhero panto. Which is […]

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