Justice League #37 review

So here we are, at chapter 37 of the current Justice League story.


Will it ever end, this tale of the Totality and Apex Lex and the broken Source Wall and three – count ’em, three – Monitors and the Dark Multiverse and Prenuptia or whatever her name is…

Am I the only person aching for a nice two-parter involving the Lord of Time, or a single-issue tale featuring Dr Destiny? Maybe a visit from the Royal Flush Gang? Something with fewer than 200 speaking parts?

That said, there were things I really liked in Scott Snyder’s latest issue. This first page, for example, which seems to be laughing at the overblown pomp of the storyline.

There’s the fabulous faith Superman shows in the League’s latest last-ditch plan – at this point they’ve made enough Hail Mary plays to make a set of rosary beads.

And the scale of evil goddess Perpetua’s nuttiness is entertaining.

I just wish we were being given moments like this in more contained narratives, stories with room to breathe, ones which don’t require a spreadsheet to parse the details.

There are signs this story is finally wrapping up – the stunning last page, for one thing. That final image will evoke fond memories in fans of a certain age, and it’s beautifully presented by illustrator Jorje Jimenez. It helps that he has only a few characters here, the crowd scenes see his work getting seriously scratchy, though the energy of them is off the charts. Mostly, the issue works visually, aided by the cracking colours of Alejandro Sanchez and letters of Tom Napolitano.

Given how mad every issue of this book has been, you could as easily jump in here and understand the issue as you would if you went back and read everything that came previously. If you need a quick injection of DC at its enjoyable daftest, you could do far worse.

14 thoughts on “Justice League #37 review

  1. You’re not the only one, mate! Thing is that single issues of this are actually really good. The art is almost always spectacularly energetic, and Snyder may have lost his mind lately, but he is still a good writer. Like you, though, I am just really tired of this. The fatigue is real. I hate Perpetua is a villain. I hate the Snyder has rewritten DC history yet again with his monitors being children of Perpetua BS. And, am I the only one wondering where the Spectre is? Certainly Luthor is guilty enough at this point for him to judge him.

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      1. I’ll take “So stupid it hurts, kid” over lines like, “What are you, dense? Are you r*t*rded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the goddamn Batman!” I’ve had more than my fill of cranky, psychotic, murderous Batman over the years. If Snyder wants to make this version a little more humourous and sarcastic, I’m all for it!

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  2. I suspect that when I get around to reading this, I’ll enjoy the same stuff you’re enjoying — the daft, too big for its britches moments — but it’ll be a while, since I’m not shelling out more than a buck for these on Comixology, and then reading them in bulk. So I’ll need to wait for a sale. But I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing the JSA again.

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  3. I gave up on this ages ago, especially since it’s like the Kang War and not really affecting much of what else I read. Sure, there’s been that evil night light everywhere but that’s been about it. The Batman WHo Bores has been more of an infection linewide…

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    1. Hopefully TBWB will GL the way of Joker’s Daughter – everywhere, then nowhere. Did you see Grant Morrison’s takedown of current DC in this week’s GL: Darkstars our whatever?


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