Action Comics #1010 review

Lois Lane, ace reporter. Mrs Superman. And lover of bookshops. It’s wonderful that after more than 80 years you can be told something new about a comic book character, and it just fits. Of course a person who loves to wheedle out secrets would love dusty, vintage books! And that’s not the only great bit […]

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Heroes in Crisis #8 review

Hurrah, it’s time to solve the mystery of who killed everyone at Sanctuary, the happy holiday home for stressed-out superheroes. It was Wally West, one of the bestest Flashes ever, because he was all confused and upset and couldn’t keep bolts of Speed Force lightning from escaping his body and slashing sundry sad superfolk to […]

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Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #95 review

The members of Mystery Incorporated have teamed up with the Flash a few times, so are quick to answer a call from Central City. As it turns out, it wasn’t Barry Allen who summoned them. But why would the Rogues want good guys? Once again Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Scooby are deep in the […]

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Naomi #4 review

In which Naomi’s dad tells her how he met her mother and how she fell into her parents’ lives. Last issue ended with Greg revealed as a man from Rann, adopted planet of Earth archaeologist turned hero Adam Strange. Or at least as a man with a Rannian outfit. But no, Greg’s not a cosplayer, […]

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The Flash #68 review

‘Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess’ So sang the late, great British comedian Ken Dodd. It’s not a sentiment Barry Allen agrees with when old foe The Trickster pulls off his latest trick – using a machine connected to the mysterious Sage Force to make most everyone in Central City feel like it’s […]

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Supergirl #29 review

Supergirl is taking a break from her desperate quest to find the truth behind Krypton’s destruction. She’s on the lovely planet Tavaar, but while companions Krypto and Z’ndr Col are romping in a river, Kara is unable to relax, her head reeling from everything she’s been through of late. Z’ndr, who was sent to spy […]

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Superman #10 review

Jon Kent is telling his parents just what happened to him after he was sucked through a time/space wormhole while having the weirdest summer vacation ever with space-Grandpa Jor-El. He wound up on Earth 3, where Evil rules, and having escaped Ultraman, a vile version of his dad, Jon bumped into Bad Mom, Superwoman. She’s […]

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Deathstroke #42 review

Below the Teen Titans’ base lies a prison. A secret prison where Damian Wayne, the latest Robin, is secreting criminals. He’s had enough of the revolving door of the prison system – from now on, when his team captures a bad guy, they’re going in a deep, dark hole. His latest ‘guest’? Deathstroke the Terminator. […]

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Young Justice #4 review

In the Gemworld dungeons, the trapped teens loosely united by the Young Justice name are trying to come up with a way out. Unfortunately, the magic employed by Dark Lord Opal is befuddling their minds… they just can’t get their act together. To make use of the time, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, tells them of […]

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