Justice League Dark #4 review

Good Lord, this is dark stuff. Of course, the clue’s in the title, but I’ve rarely seen a non-‘mature’ book play with such disturbing imagery. Scalping, killer kids, women losing their heads … The opening serial of this DC New 52 series sees a bunch of supernatural players – ‘heroes’ might be overstating it, in […]

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The Flash #4 review

How’s that for an eye-catching cover. It’s Flash using his newly discovered ability to see all possibilities in a  situation. Sadly, last issue this led to a bout of over-thinking which was the death of him. Apparently. Unsurprisingly, Barry survived, his super-speed instincts kicking in and stopping a bullet to the skull from proving fatal. We don’t […]

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Arak, Son of Tom

Hanging around Twitter this week, I was intrigued to see comic artist Tom Raney ask if anyone had any ideas for a character he could sketch for fun. I suggested an old favourite of mine who’s not appeared in DC Comics, if memory serves, since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Eighties – Arak, […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #4 review

The conclusion to the Legion’s latest encounter with the Dominators begins with rogue Daxamite Res-Vir, aka The Renegade, breaking free of the inertron chains with which he’s been bound. Enraged, he attacks the Legionnaires but Chemical Kid overcomes his panic to save the day when, guided by Element Lad, he disrupts Res-Vir’s metabolism, bringing him […]

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Tiny Titans #47 review

It’s adventures in babysitting for Bumblebee, Miss Martian and Mrs Atom as they take the Justice League’s little ones into Metropolis for ice cream. The hope is that Bumblebee will earn her Team Nucleus babysitting patch by showing she’s a responsible young heroine. Team Nucleus? That would be the shrinking heroes of the DC Universe, […]

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Have a very super Christmas …

… or perhaps that should be a Wonder, Green or Flashtastic Christmas? Whatever the case, hello to anyone passing by – I hope you’re having the best of days, whether with family or friends, or in solo mode. Thank you so much for visiting this blog, it’s a bit of fun for me and I […]

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Wonder Woman #4 review

Having learnt that she’s the product of a dangerous liaison between mother Hippolyte and king of the gods Zeus, Diana has flounced off Paradise Island for her home in London. This leaves her mother that little bit more vulnerable when a very peeved Mrs Zeus, Hera, comes a-calling … Diana’s not alone in the English […]

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Justice League #4 review

Aquaman is the star of the cover, and the show, as the Justice League finally comes together. This being comics, the actual scene – future sea king standing over a beaten Green Lantern – isn’t to be seen in the story, though there is a thematic match; Arthur wipes the smile off Hal’s doubting face […]

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