Scarlet Witch #3 review

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, is on a magical mystery tour, trying to learn why magic is dying. Noting that the land-based aspects of Ireland’s economy seem to be under mystical attack, she travels to the no-longer Emerald Isle, where she’s joined by her friend Agatha Harkness, witch nanny turned ghostly sarcasm machine.  Wanda traces […]

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Scarlet Witch #2 review

It’s tough to get on with writing a review when you can’t stop looking at the art. It’s only the second week of January and I’ve no doubt Scarlet Witch #2 will be one of the best-looking comics of 2016. Just look at Marco Rudy’s work… Wanda has travelled to the Greek island of Santorini […]

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Squadron Supreme #1 review

There’s a new Squadron Supreme in town and they mean business. Survivors of five different Earths lost in the recent Secret Wars, they’ve banded together to make sure nothing kills their new home. And the first act of this band of multiversal refugees – Nighthawk, Princess Power, Hyperion, Blur and Dr Spectrum – is to […]

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Scarlet Witch #1 review

New York’s rich are being murdered by less well-off members of society, who then claim to have no memory of the attacks. Suspecting witchcraft at work, the Scarlet Witch teams up with a detective to investigate the latest crime scene. Using her knowledge of hexing history, she puts down a demonic infestation, but uncovers a […]

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Fantastic Four #1 review

Welcome to volume 427 of the Fantastic Four. Bring a teddy bear. Because you’ll need something to cuddle in order to get through this miserable first issue from James Robinson, Leonard Kirk and Karl Kesel. Three of my favourite talents in comics and I wish they’d all taken the week off. I didn’t think ‘Fall […]

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All-New Invaders #1 review

OK axis, here we come! That was the battle cry of the Invaders at their Seventies height, when Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and a bunch of other creators revealed untold tales of Captain America, Namor, Human Torch, Toro and Bucky in the Big One. This comeback comic is set in the present day, is absent […]

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Earth 2 Annual #1 review

The big selling point for this issue is the debut of an all-new Batman, the original Earth 2 fellow having died at the start of the regular series. As a JSA traditionalist, I don’t really think the team needs a Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, but it seems DC begs to differ. And given that […]

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Earth 2 #8 review

Qurac, Bialya … it doesn’t matter which continuity we’re in, or what the dimensional plane, DC is never short of a Middle Eastern country that hates the US. The latest, Dherain, debuts in this issue. Its chief feature isn’t the futuristic towers that dominate the landscape – it’s the citizens’ tendency towards ludicrously expository dialogue. […]

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Earth 2 #0 review

DC’s New 52 initiative is one year old. More than four dozen new and revamped books came and since then, a few have gone and been replaced. The overall success of the line-wide relaunch (commercial, if not always creative) is celebrated this month with a slew of ‘zero issues’ – stories set before we joined […]

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Earth 2 #4 review

Five years ago, soldier Al Pratt was caught in an atomic weaponry experiment. Today, he’s the secret hero of Earth 2’s World Army and about to go public. The Rot champion, Grundy, is destroying the world’s ecosystem and the Atom plans to stop him. Before he gets to Washington, Hawkgirl and the Flash are on […]

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