Secret Six 6 review

One of DC’s most consistently entertaining series, Secret Six delivers once more this month. Yes, the storyline around the ‘Get out of Hell free’ card storyline begun in issue 1 shows no signs of wrapping, but neither is there evidence of flagging. As a maguffin to motivate action and character dynamics, the card is first-rate. […]

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Secret Six 5 review

Another month, another issue of one of DC’s most consistent books. I was afraid the company’s Faces of Evil linewide stunt would derail the ongoing Get Out of Hell Free card storyline, but all it means is a Deadshot solo cover by Andrew Robinson, along with his narrative PoV. It doesn’t tell me anything I […]

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Secret Six 3

‘Unhinged’ continues with our villains united against a bunch of rival baddies out to get the mysterious card for the enigmatic Junior. Along the way we hear something of how the Tarantula came by said maguffin, and get our first glimpse of the newest member. Said newest member is one Jeanette, and she looks like […]

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