Silver Surfer #1 review

I’ve never liked the Silver Surfer. Bit of a whiner. Not as bad as Pariah over at DC, but so far as the Marvel Universe goes, he has no peer.Dan Slott makes me like the Silver Surfer. More precisely, he makes me like ‘a’ Silver Surfer. Because this isn’t the super-sensitive, poutingly pompous, horribly heartbroken […]

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Forever Evil: ARGUS #6 review

If Crisis on Infinite Earths was the Big Bang of comic book events, Forever Evil is the whimper, making little impact on the commercial and critical landscape. Just seven issues long, it feels interminable, with the ‘main event’ series unfocussed and tie-ins such as the JLA Martian Manhunter/Stargirl story an unashamed waste of space.Forever Evil: […]

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The Wake #7 review

Last month the focus of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s sci-fi thriller shifted from Dr Lee Archer in the present day to Leeward in the far future. Leeward is dealing with the world Lee saw being born, an Earth near-engulfed by water and terrorised by the Mers. The regular creatures, who can kill with teeth […]

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Daredevil #1 review

Or Daredevil Vol 3, #37. I’m delighted that writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee are still handling Matt Murdock, but less than thrilled that a Marvel Now relaunch has provided the opportunity to bump up the price to – forget that measly cent – $4. Yes, this is undoubtedly one of the best superhero […]

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American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

Scott Snyder curates a caveful of flying critters in Batman, but I’ve missed his take on the vampire kind of bat since his collaboration with Rafael Albuquerque went on hiatus. So it’s good to see volume two of American Vampire, their 20th century-spanning horror serial, kick off.The narrative has moved up in time to the 1960s, where […]

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Supergirl #29 review

Supergirl is a Red Lantern. She’s embraced the power of the ring, given in to her rage. In her maddened state she may destroy the earth, but one hero stands against her … the Silver Banshee?Yep, Kara’s erstwhile flatmate progresses from conflicted adversary to full-on good guy here, giving in to her own dark side […]

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Secret Avengers #1 review

                                          I never tried the last run of Secret Avengers, the idea of memory-lapse good guys doing terrible things being an instant turn-off. Hearing the gimmick had been jettisoned, and having enjoyed writer Ales Kot’s […]

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Captain Marvel #1 review

I have to hand it to Marvel, they really are committed to Carol Danvers, ‘promoting’ her from Ms to Captain Marvel, giving her a new series, crossing it over with an Avengers book in a bid to increase sales and, when that doesn’t work, relaunching it again. So here we have the second Captain Marvel debut issue […]

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Batman #29 review

Last month the Zero Year story was set aside for a fill-in to give artist Greg Capullo time to do Scott Snyder’s extra-length script justice. This issue we see what a wise move that was, as Capullo, inker Danny Miki and colourist FCO Plascencia produce a meaty chapter that sustains the gorgeousness from beginning to […]

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