Checkmate #1 review

Before we were so rudely interrupted, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev had been detailing a conspiracy throughout the DC Universe. Now, with the real-life threat of Covid receding, they’ve been able to get back to the story of Leviathan. As detailed in the Event Leviathan mini-series, former adventurer Mark Shaw has put his Manhunter […]

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The Flash #771 review

Well, that’s a gloomy cover from illustrator Brandon Peterson and colourist Michael Atiyeh, taking us back to the horror that was the Heroes in Crisis mini-series. Happily, the issue itself is a thoroughly jolly affair, as Wally West, at the mercy of the Speed Force, continues bouncing into the bodies of speedsters across time and […]

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Nightwing #81 review

It seems rude, I try not to, but I can’t help it. Usually, when reading a new comic, I find myself stopping to make notes. A word here, a sentence there, just in case I decide to give it a shout-out here. Not with the new Nightwing. Since writer Tom Taylor, illustrator Bruno Redondo and […]

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Batman: The Detective #3 review

In Paris, Batman drops his injured mentor, Henri Ducard, off at hospital. He’s been near-killed by a lunatic group aiming for ‘equilibrium’ by murdering everyone Batman has ever saved. Asked how he knows the patient, Batman’s mind wanders… It’s flashback time in the latest issue of this mini-series by Tom Taylor and Adam Kubert, with […]

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DC Pride #1 review

DC’s latest 100-page giant is dedicated to the company’s non-straight heroes, some well-known, others less so. The company pretty proud of this one, down to commissioning a rainbow version of the DC bullet from Daniel Qasar, the man behind the Progress Pride flag. And rather festive it is too. The issue also has an introduction […]

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Marvel Double Action #1 review

Holy Hannah, it’s back to the Seventies for this entry in the current Heroes Reborn event. This pastiche reprint comic – think Marvel Triple Action – ‘represents’ the tragic day Sam Wilson died. Yes, in this world without a Spider-Man it’s not Gwen Stacey, but the Falcon who dies due to the diabolical dealings of […]

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Crime Syndicate #4 review

It’s the morning after the space starfish before and the world is in clean-up mode. While Atomica and Johnny Quick helped other Earth 3 superbeings stem Starro’s incursion on Earth, they’re not keen on mopping up. Heck, it’s not like anyone is treating them as heroes. The police raid spurs the villains on to mass […]

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Suicide Squad #4 review

Task Force X chief Amanda Waller’s mission to enlist/kidnap Teen Titans Academy speedster Blur has failed, but her team has brought in Red X. The wild card who has been haunting the school for supers is in custody at Belle Reve prison, stripped down with only his mask unable to be removed. Field leader Peacemaker […]

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Justice League #62 review

Most of the active Justice League roster are on the parallel Earth that was once home to ‘mega power’ Naomi McDuffie. Flash, though, is back at the Hall of Justice, in charge of the technology which allowed his friends to cross dimensions. Then, another hero arrives. An interesting conversation ensues between the Flash and Hippolyta, […]

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