Adventures of Superman #46 review

This digital first series has given fresh meaning to the term ‘all-ages’ as it spans the many eras of Superman to bring us excellent stories divorced from the current comic book continuity. This week’s 99c issue is another huge treat, as it focuses on Superman’s earliest days and how a superhero from another world changes […]

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Adventures of Superman #5 review

Breezy, that’s the word for this fifth instalment of DC Digital’s Superman title. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Joëlle Jones present a day in the life tale which sees Lois and Clark battling for the Daily Planet front page, even though the most exciting thing in the diary is the Metropolis Dog Show. With […]

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Secret Avengers #20 review

Now here’s a real time twister. Black Widow stars in a done-in-one story that spans seconds, weeks and decades, depending on your perspective. Natasha Romanov’s perspective is that she’s going to undo the killings of Steve Rogers, War Machine and Sharon Carter after an assault on the Shadow Council goes wrong. The obvious thing to […]

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Gambit and the Champions #1

Behind a cracking cover from David Yardin we have another escapee From The Marvel Vault, a Gambit-starring story that had been gathering dust before the company’s move to new quarters last year. Well, ‘story’ may be exaggerating – Marvel had artwork from the late George Tuska, but no script. Scott Lobdell has supplied that, leading to what […]

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