We wish you a merry podcast

It’s Christmas time, there’s some need to be afraid… when you’re reading Elvira’s House of Mystery Presents: Elvira’s Haunted Holidays.

OK, that was just the old ‘cute way in’. In fact, this 1987 anthology isn’t going to have you lying awake at night, for fear its stories come true. It might, though, entertain you for half an hour, as it did me when it first appeared.

I’ve just revisited it for the latest episode of Ryan Daly’s always fun It’s Midnight… The Podcasting Hour show, but I’m not the only guest. I’m talking about just one of the stories with Ryan, but you’ll also get Dr Anj of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary and super-knowledgeable and nice podcasters Kyle Benning and Pat Sampson. Here’s the link to the blogpost containing the show – and comments are welcome there, or here – or you can download the episode via iTunes and other podcatchers.

Ho ho hope you like it!

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