Multiversity #1 review

A few years ago DC published Final Crisis. This comic tells the story of the one after that. It mirrors the original Crisis on Infinite Earths by having heroes from parallel universes gathered in a Monitor satellite to be told by Harbinger that Something Awful is Coming.  It differs in that the writer behind this comic – […]

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Birds of Prey #1 review

Who’d be a reporter in Gotham? Fed tips about a ‘covert ops team run by a bunch of super-criminal hotties’, you’re expecting to get a good story, but before you can publish, someone tries to kill you. Then you’re saved by said hotties, but they insist you leave town. Then … ahh, but that would […]

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Birds of Prey #12 review

There’s a new crime lord in Gotham and he’s hiring. He’s taking on a pair of twisted sisters by the name of Trissa and Somnia. Before they meet the big man, though, they accompany his lieutenant, Mr Tripe, to a meeting with blonde bombshell Miss Hargison, a helpless beauty who wants him to bury her […]

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Birds of Prey #11 review

Action! Romance! Leaky bowels … this one has it all. As a good Catholic girl, the Huntress is attracted to bad boys. And one in particular, Catman, who shows up just as she’s chasing down a gang who have captured a hostage with medical problems. Will he help Huntress, or take the side of the […]

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Supergirl 34 review

Poor Superboy. First he’s killed in the Crisis of the Week. Then his jeans are ripped from his body to be worn by girlfriend/stalker Wonder Girl. And here, Tim Drake gives his Conner Kent glasses to Supergirl for her secret identity to be. What next, Krypto starts wearing Superboy’s tighty whities? Anyway, say hello to […]

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