Justice League United #16 review

Alanna Strange is telling a story. The tale of how, two months previously, the aftermath of Justice League United’s adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes led to the threat of the Breakers – deadly extra-dimensional incursions onto the Earth plane.  The first manifestation, an invisible barrier cutting across roads, occurs in Connecticut. Alanna, husband Adam, Stargirl, Animal Man […]

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Justice League United #15 review

It’s not the war to end all wars. It’s the never-ending battle – a time loop of overlapping conflicts which has trapped Easy Company, the Creature Commandos, Omac, Enemy Ace and hundreds of ordinary fighting men on all sides. Can Justice League United – Stargirl, Robotman, Steel, Batgirl and Vandal Savage – save the day, […]

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Justice League United #13 review

The new Justice League Unlimited undertakes its second mission, gathering a fresh team to shut down an anomaly in France. Alanna Strange, Equinox, Animal Man and Stargirl recruit Batgirl, Steel, Robotman and Vandal Savage to enter a zone where time is in chaos, and wars past and future are being fought simultaneously. The motley crew […]

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Justice League United #11 review

Justice League United has been one of my favourite DC books of the last few years. Under writer Jeff Lemire it featured a team of likeable characters in traditional, but not staid, superhero adventures. Now it’s been turned over to Jeff Parker, an author famed for his talent in this area.  But he’s going in […]

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Convergence: Shazam #1

The best parts of DC’s Convergence books have been the pages before the dome comes down, when we get to spend time with old friends lost to comic book limbo or altered characterisations. Generally, once the opponent Earth characters come in – the likes of the Flashpoint oafs or Wildstorm no-marks Gen 13  – the […]

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Aquaman #38 review

Aquaman and Mera continue their investigation into the mysterious portal technology used by the ancient Atlanteans and related disappearance of his mother. The action this issue moves from Gorilla City to Polynesia to somewhere very, very far away, where an encounter with gigantic flame-spewing beasts presages a meeting that could change Aquaman’s life.  Look at them […]

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Aquaman Annual #2 review

It’s team-up time, as Aquaman recruits Wonder Woman to track down members of the Giant-Born, monsters of myth released recently by a duped archaeologist. Diana’s knowledge of Classical mores leads them to a French chateau, where the beasts are feeding on the life force of locals and tourists. Cue fighting – an awful lot of fighting […]

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Secret Origins #2 review

Last month Superman had the cover, this time it’s Batman, next month it’s Wonder … er, Green Lantern. So much for my theory that DC’s traditional Big Three were the opening acts for this origin anthology. Not to worry, the images we are getting are certainly winners, though I’d prefer group shots including the other […]

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Aquaman #26 review

I almost didn’t tackle this one, as I still have the previous six issues of Aquaman sitting around unread. I think I was put off by Geoff Johns reintroducing sweet little octopus Topo as a massive monster. But this is the series debut of Jeff Parker, a writer who never fails to entertain me, never […]

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