Animal Man #1 review

Buddy Baker, stuntman. Superhero. Activist. And now, actor. Having semi-retired Animal Man, Buddy’s taken the lead role in an indie movie and wondering what to do next. One thing he has to do right now is explain to daughter Maxine that she can’t have a pet dog, because being in regular contact with a single […]

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OMAC #1 review

The workers at Cadmus Industries are having a bad day. When they should be breaking down stem cells and drinking skinny lattes, they’re having to flee from a tank of a man who’s tearing up the research facility in search of one thing – the mainframe. And the Cadmus Mainframe doesn’t just contain commercially sensitive information, […]

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Batwing #1 review

Anyone old enough to remember the slogan: ‘DC Comics aren’t just for kids’? That would be this comic. The cover rating is T for teenagers but I’d not be happy giving this to younger teens. It’s bloody stuff – severed heads, messages written in spatter … not what you expect in your average Bat-book. Then […]

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Hawk and Dove #1 review

Zombies on a plane. It sounds like a high-concept movie but it’s actually the hi-jinks which kick off this new series. ‘Science terrorist’ Alexander Quirk has loaded a plane with ‘monsters of mass destruction’ but Hawk and Dove are bidding to ruin his day. The avatars of war and peace stop the monsters and prevent […]

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Justice League International #1

Sometimes you want a book to start with the action. At others, a quieter beginning is best. This new incarnation of the global Justice League goes for the latter option, but for me, that’s where the action is. For while I enjoy a good fracas between colourful heroes and dastardly villains, the membership of the […]

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Batgirl #1 review

Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again. She couldn’t walk for three years, now she’s back on her feet and kicking arse. But not that well. As we join her, tackling a gang of murderous home invaders, luck and psychology play as big a part in her eventual success as physical skill. Because while years of handling […]

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Action Comics #1 review

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! These are the classic lines that have evoked Superman for generations, and all three are referenced in this first issue of Superman’s new beginning. And there’s more. A lot more, as Grant Morrison and Rags Morales […]

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