Thunderbolts #3 review

It’s training day for the new Thunderbolts and if leader Hawkeye, Clint Barton, has his way, it won’t be a walk in the park. The playful session is soon supplanted by real danger as New York’s latest official super-team is called away across Central Park to address a problem at the zoo. A very hairy […]

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Action Comics #1048 review

It’s Visiting Day in Metropolis. Businessman and part-time supervillain Lex Luthor drops in on John Corben, aka Metallo, the man with the kryptonite heart. Lois Lane takes houseguests Osul and Otho-Ra to see the critters at the city zoo, which isn’t meant to be a prison… While Lois is beckoning an old pal to join […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #6 review

Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint reality, wants to erase the world in which he survived Joe Chill’s murderous attack but his son Bruce died. Bruce Wayne, the Batman of the Earth 0 reality, wants to protect a snowglobe from Rip Hunter, Time Master. OK, it’s not just a snowglobe. It’s a multiversal maguffin […]

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The Flash #787 review

What I know about wrestling you can write on the back of an envelope. A very small envelope. But I know what I like and that’s fun superhero comics. And this is very much a fun superhero comic as Wally West finds himself caught in the middle as an intergalactic wrestling tournament drops in on […]

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Batman vs Robin #2 review

There are a host of familiar faces from around the DC Universe in the second issue of this spin-off from the new World’s Finest series. Well, I say ‘around’, it’s more a case of one corner of the DCU. One very dark corner. The part where dwell the likes of, well, I did say ‘host’… […]

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