Skrull Kill Interest

I forget when it was announced that Marvel were having a big Avengers-led crossover centred on infiltration of the Marvel Universe by the Skrulls, but the first evidence was revealed in New Avengers 31, in June last year. That issue ended with Elektra revealed to be a Skrull. Oh how dramatic, a woman who once […]

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The Twelve 1

The 12 being the first post-OMD work from writer J Michael Straczynski, with artist Chris Weston. I didn’t have high hopes for this, the idea of a bunch of World War Two lesser lights being frozen in time and reawoken today sounded a tad ‘been there, done that’ but the promise of Weston on art, […]

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Oh just look at that gorgeous Nick Cardy cover – colourful teenage heroes fighting with a smile on their faces. And there’s a Cardy sketch gallery at the back – lush stuff. As for the unashamedly 1963-set story itself, original Titans writer Bob Haney has a whale of a time reviving the hokey Sixties dialogue, […]

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