Doctor Who Special 2013 review

Thrown through an anomaly, the Doctor finds himself on a familiar world. It’s Earth, but not his Earth – it’s a world in which everyone recognises him. Not, though, as the Doctor, but as the actor Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor on a television show that’s celebrating its golden anniversary.  As is his wont, […]

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Wolverine #1 review

I’ve never been a massive Wolverine fan. A hero whose first surge in popularity centred on his willingness to kill wasn’t, to me, much of a hero. Even then, though, the killings were the exception, committed in ‘berserker rages’. They’ve long since become an accepted part of his character, like his fondness for taking young […]

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Saucer Country #1 review

If Paul Cornell ever gives up penning science fiction, he could make a mint as a political speechwriter. Seriously, the oration at the heart of this Vertigo title’s debut issue had me itching to be a fictional American, just so I could vote Arcadia Alvaro in as president. Mind, if certain beliefs held by the […]

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Demon Knights #1 review

I’ve seen tons of riffs on the Fall of Camelot, I guess we all have. But Demon Knights begins with a fresh look at the moment that the dead Arthur is wafted away to Paradise, as one of the book’s soon-to-be-stars breaks out of her assigned role with style, and maybe just a smattering of […]

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Stormwatch #1 review

When DC announced that founder member J’onn J’onzz wasn’t in the new version of the Justice League, eyebrows were raised. It turns out that he has bigger fish to fry. For while the League is concerned with Earth-based menaces, the Martian Manhunter is looking to the larger picture. He’s an associate of Stormwatch, a mysterious […]

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Strange Adventures #1

Creating compelling tales of the imagination, it’s not rocket science, is it? DC managed it for a couple of decades, in the middle of the last century. And now, via the Vertigo imprint, they dip another toe into the water, with a collection of stories ‘suggested for mature readers’. That means tits and swearing, kids. […]

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Action Comics #901 review

There was outrage in sections of the US media recently as a story in Action Comics #900 saw Superman renounce US citizenship. Comic readers knew that as a standalone short in an anniversary issue, David Goyer’s tale would likely never be followed up on. And here we are just a month later, with President Obama making a personal […]

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Action Comics #900 review

Nine-hundred issues. That’s a milestone no US comic has ever reached and it’s fitting that after some time away, Superman returns to claim his book back. I’ve enjoyed arch enemy Lex Luthor’s time as placeholder – more than a lot of Superman runs – but all good things must come to an end. And as […]

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Action Comics #899 review

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I’m proud of Lex Luthor. Yes, he’s a scumbag with no reverence for any individual life other than his own, but he’s our scumbag. A regular human, no super abilities but able to take on, and beat, beings of immense power. And that’s what he does this issue, […]

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