Wonder Woman 28 review

Rise of the Olympian has been anything but boring so far, yet things kick up a gear here, as writer Gail Simone gives a masterclass in pacing a story for maximum action and characterisation. Sergeant Steel is not a man to sing the Wonder Woman TV show theme and that’s the latest clue that he’s […]

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Wonder Woman 26

It’s months since DC announced that The Rise of the Olympian was the epic that would create a new buzz around Wonder Woman. I’m such a saddo that the very fact that Aaron Lopresti and Brad Anderson’s excellent cover sported a special banner made me excited. The comic? Not so much. It’s not that there […]

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Wonder Woman 24 review

We’ve just finished a multi-parter, and another is due to begin in a couple of months, so in between writer Gail Simone gives us a breather. She’s too savvy a writer, though, than to fob us off with a palette-cleansing but meaningless entertainment; this story matters to the series. Maybe not so much the second […]

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Secret Six 1 review

After successful Villains United and Secret Six mini-series Gail Simone’s villain team get an ongoing. Regulars Scandal, Ragdoll, Catman and Deadshot are back, joined by Bane and with a new member due soon. The issue opens in a gay club where nicely dressed brotherly thugs escort an associate into a room where lurks the mysterious […]

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Wonder Woman 23 review

The Ends of the Earth storyline concludes with Diana battling nasty demon chap D’grath in Washington while her barbarian allies remain in whichever sword and sorcery dimension they were in last month. I think it was that of Claw the Unconquered, but one sword and sorcery scenario is much like any another to me, Mart […]

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Wonder Woman 22 review

In which Diana, Stalker, Claw and Beowulf meet the demon D’Garth at a stone table that’s not in Narnia, there’s a betrayal, a twist or two and a rather sick fantasy sequence. Said sequence opens the issue, with Diana seeing just how far she may fall if she fails to hang on to her soul, […]

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