Secret Avengers #1 review

We’ve had the Secret Defenders, the Secret Warriors and now Marvel brings us the Secret Avengers. Sshhh, don’t ask me how I know. The set-up is that Steve Rogers, having gathered warriors to fight the foes no single hero could withstand in Avengers last week, has actioned his own sub-team to fight the foes no […]

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Power Girl #12 review

I knew I’d love it, but it’s the issue I’ve been dreading – Power Girl #12, the last hurrah by creators Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts (I haven’t heard that the book’s fine regular letterer John J Hill is leaving, but if so, thank you too!). A day in the life […]

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Dazzler #1 review

Ah Dazzler, she never had a chance. Debuting as the Disco Dazzler in 1980, long after the musical fad had died, saddled with shocking eye make-up, a glitterball around her neck and roller skates. Sent against some of Marvel’s toughest villains – Dr Doom, the Enchantress, Galactus – in order to prove she had what […]

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Superman/Batman #72 review

Superman in space. Batman in Metropolis. Lois Lane in danger. Lex Luthor in charge. That’s what we get as Paul Levitz brings his not inconsiderable writing talent and knowledge of the DC Universe to this book. Our heroes aren’t actually together in this first instalment of ‘Worship’, which is fine by me; it takes away […]

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Secrets are revealed throughout the sophomore issue of Her-Oes – the Marvel mini reimagining its heroines as high schoolers – as Janet Van Dyne mulls over the revelation that Namora, whose assault last issue she barely escaped by shrinking and flying away, also has powers. We discover that Janet’s father was responsible for her abilities […]

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DCU: Legacies #1 review

It’s 1938 and on the streets uof America, the mystery men begin to emerge, changing the course of one young boy’s life. The kid is Paulie Lincoln, who narrates the first story in DC’s anthology series looking at how its universe has developed over seven decades. Young Paulie is in a kid gang, but not […]

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Zatanna #1 review

The bad: Zee’s too busty. The good: Everything else. This is a stylish little comic, as the first-ever Zatanna ongoing debuts. The backwards-talking magician shows a terrifically conceived mystical mob boss and his band of demons what’s what after they begin to strike at the mortal world. And apart from the introduction of presumably supporting […]

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