Batgirl #43 review

Well, I’ve been campaigning/nagging for her comeback for years now, and finally the Velvet Tiger returns to print. Created by Barbara Randall Kesel and Trevor Von Eeden to battle Batgirl in the Eighties, she’s not been seen for a couple of decades, but I liked that gal. For one thing, she was a cat-villain, and […]

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Knight and Squire #4 review

It’s the fourth issue of the Knight and Squire mini-series and I’m depressed. Depressed because there are only two more issues to go starring Cyril and Beryl, the UK’s answer to Batman and Robin. I adore this book, just adore it. Still, let’s not dwell on the bad, it’s just not British. Let’s be happy […]

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Batman Incorporated #1 review

The Batman – Dread Creature of the Boardroom! That’s what I was expected from a book called Batman Incorporated. That’s not what I got, but I like what’s there. Namely, a murder mystery involving Mr Unknown, the Batman of Japan; Batman and Catwoman acting as partners in every sense; the best fight scene a bat-book […]

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Knight and Squire #1 review

The Knight and Squire are the British Batman and Robin. And a lot more besides. The only obvious ways in which they’re copies of the Dynamic Duo are their dedication to justice, and mentor/sidekick arrangement. Some of their opponents – such as Jarvis Poker, the British Joker – are ‘cover versions’ of US originals. Other […]

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