Action Comics #900 review

Nine-hundred issues. That’s a milestone no US comic has ever reached and it’s fitting that after some time away, Superman returns to claim his book back. I’ve enjoyed arch enemy Lex Luthor’s time as placeholder – more than a lot of Superman runs – but all good things must come to an end. And as […]

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Wonder Woman #610 review

Diana wakes up in a hospital bed, meets Dr Etta Candy, Nurse Diana Prince, Dr Steve Trevor and Mrs Mavis Infodump. Actually, it’s Myra Clotho, but it might as well be Mrs Mavis Infodump, as she tells Diana in tremendous detail that the life she’s living is indeed a pretence. Diana’s greatest enemy has changed […]

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Doom Patrol #21 review

With just a couple of issues before the axe falls on this title, a spotlight on Robotman may sound like an unnecessary indulgence. But Cliff Steele is such an intriguing character that I’m happy to see his past and character illuminated. And what a character. On the surface, he seems like DC’s Ben Grimm, a […]

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A wee bit of housekeeping, due to the public holiday season kicking off in the UK this week, I’ll be a wee bit late with reviews – Thursday, rather than Wednesday. Please bear with me! It could be worse next week, given that Friday 29 April is another (bah to the Royal Wedding – it’s not as if Black […]

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Power Girl #23 review Power Girl and Superman are fighting magical dinosaurs, who they gonna call? Zatanna, stage magician and real-life enchantress. But as she’s all tied up with power leech Siphon, she’s bound to be silent. Her unavailablility tips the Kryptonian cousins off that she’s in need of a hand herself, so dispatching the dinos, they’re off to […]

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Avengers Academy #12 review Continuing from last issue’s Korvac mini-saga, Avengers Academy #12 sees the students become the masters. Carina, daughter of Cosmic Bigwig The Collector, places their consciousnesses in the bodies of elder counterparts from future realities. The swap should bring enough control over their abilities to allow them to defeat her estranged husband, who wants to rule […]

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Tiny Titans #39 review ‘I like pink very much, Lois’ states the cover of this issue, proving that someone at DC remembers a line from the Superman movies beyond ‘Kneel before Zod’. I like this issue very much. A washday accident at Wayne Manor – Supergirl puts a batch of S-capes in with the Batman Family’s more dour […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #12 review

It’s the Legion of Super-Heroes vs the Legion of Super-Villains in an action-packed instalment. Given that LSV leader – well, tyrant, actually – Saturn Queen has only recently begun gathering her troops I was expecting a longer preamble prior to any meaningful confrontation, but here we have the new LSV surprised by the 31st century’s […]

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Supergirl #63 review

Wow, the nurses in Metropolis really are crabby. Lois Lane inquires how Cadmus whistleblower Catherine, a patient at Metropolis’ St Idelson’s hospital, is doing, and gets a mouthful of attitude. Mind, when she checks in with Catherine and learns more on the dark goings-on at the genetics research facility, she gets something far worse than […]

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