Superboy #26 review

It’s Superboy #26, a comic I was determined not to buy, but you know how Santa is, leaving behind things he read on the way over from the North Pole. I didn’t want to support this decidedly uneven series any longer due to its replacing the lead character with a darker version. Kon El is […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #21 review

There’s a real sense of doom around current Legion issues. It’s not just that the 31st century universe is being torn apart by the Fatal Five, it’s the real-world knowledge that an end is coming. That the series is being cancelled in a couple of months, to be replaced by a future Justice League series. […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #20 review

The new Fatal Five’s attack on the United Planets continues, with members vying to see who can kill the most Legionnaires. On the world where Sun Boy died, FF leader Tharok, controlling a Promethean Giant, bids to stomp out his Legion opposite Phantom Girl’s life, prompting her to fade away … Meanwhile, two Legionnaires are […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #18 review

There’s no let-up for the Legion after the horrors of last issue. On Earth, the team’s shattered HQ is besieged by a mob whose members assume they’re behind the failure of quark technology that has thrown the United Planets into chaos. On the unknown world where Sun Boy died, Invisible Kid, Polar Boy and Phantom […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #17 review

The joke among longtime Legion fans when it was announced that classic artist and writer Keith Giffen was returning to the 31st century was, how long until he kills his hated Karate Kid yet again? Well, here he is, co-plotting with continuing writer Paul Levitz and no martial artists die. That’s the good news. The […]

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