Midnighter and Apollo #3 review

Apollo is trapped in Hell but Midnighter plans to bring him back. He hasn’t got a handbasket but he does have a candle empowered by Lord of Lies Neron, which can take him there.  Speaking of whom, Neron is playing a game with Apollo, determined to convince him that while he presents himself as a […]

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Midnighter #12 review

So goodbye Midnighter, we hardly knew ye.  Actually, that’s not quite true – 12 issues isn’t a long run but writer Steve Orlando packed so much into each offering of this series that by this closing chapter, we’re a lot closer to Lucas Trent than we were at the start.  The story takes up where […]

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Midnighter #6 review

As we join the Authority’s enhanced urban vigilante, Midnighter is taking a break from his quest to learn who plucked the technological ‘flowers ‘ from the God Garden. Dinner with boyfriend Matt is interrupted by an aerial attack – the boys are OK, but Matt’s flat is wrecked. What to do than go country hopping […]

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Midnighter #1 review

Earth’s most violent superhero gets his own book and we quickly see that Midnighter isn’t just a fighter, he’s a lover. He’s on a first date with IT guy Jason, looking very dapper, when super-terrorists teleport into the restaurant they’re in, looking for a trio of political enemies. Midnighter, with his ability to predict the […]

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