Justice League #27 review

Of all the Geoff Johns comics in the world, this may be the Geoff Johnsiest.  Old hero gets a scrub-up? Check.  Big storyline treads water? Check.  A secret room has a secret room? Check.  Old-time supervillain is the voice of reason. Check.  Props from previous comics continuity show up in the background? Check.  Characters created […]

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Batgirl #5 review

I love a mystery and there’s a fine one here – how can the number 338 cause a mobster to murder his three loyal sons and try to kill himself? How is knife-happy strongwoman Gretel connected? And why does her hair switch from green to pink? Batgirl is less keen on the intrigue, she just […]

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Batgirl #4 review

“Oh Barbara, get over it. Really, it’s beyond tiresome. An assault put you in a wheelchair, but you’ve had a miracle cure. Stop whining about it. Sure, there are still thousands of wheelchair users in the world, but you’re not betraying them by regaining the use of your legs – you never asked to be […]

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Batgirl #2 review

There comes a time in every cover’s life when the logo has to be compromised. For the Batgirl masthead, this issue is it. OK, so it’s only #2, but look at that gathering of verticles … there’s Batgirl, tombstone, villain and logo shadow, it’s like a flaming totem pole. Lose the bat-background, move the ‘Batgirl’ […]

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Batgirl #1 review

Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again. She couldn’t walk for three years, now she’s back on her feet and kicking arse. But not that well. As we join her, tackling a gang of murderous home invaders, luck and psychology play as big a part in her eventual success as physical skill. Because while years of handling […]

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Emperor Aquaman #2 review

Considered in isolation, this issue’s cover –  a blood-spattered Mera – is DC going over the top. Remember what was on a variant for Flashpoint #2, though, and the company seems a model of restraint. Is it only longtime fans like me who don’t think the promise of bloody violence should be used to sell a comic […]

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Emperor Aquaman #1 review

Aquaman wades into the Flashpoint event with one of the strongest offerings yet. Possibly the strongest. Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes’ cover shows Emperor Aquaman against the remains of Paris, but it’s another European capital that feels the weight of the war between Atlantis and Themiscyra in this compelling first issue. The book opens with […]

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