Little Nemo in Podcastland

Panel By Panel, the Fire and Water Podcast Network show which sees podcaster extraordinaire Siskoid talk one single, solitary panel of comic art with a guest, is back. This time the Randomiser has come up with a frame from Winsor McCay’s seminal newspaper strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. And the lucky guest to chat about […]

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Amethyst #2 review

We begin three years ago, as 13-year-old Amy Winston learns of her heritage as Princess Amethyst, ruler of House Amethyst on Gemworld. Her protector, Granch, swears to train her in fighting as she takes the place of her parents, murdered by Dark Opal. Her mentor, Citrina, will instruct her in the ways of House Amethyst, […]

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Suicide Squad #4 review

Need cheering up? I suspect you do, in which case, read Suicide Squad #4, in which an old ally returns, new comrades are illuminated and Harley Quinn shows she’s the best super-shrink this side of Doc Samson. The fun starts with George ‘ Digger’ Harkness speaking out of turn in a bar in suburban Australia. […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #5 review

The 31st century’s greatest super teens are in a proper pickle, their headquarters stormed by a Science Police squad. They’re there on the orders of United Planets President RJ Brande, which confuses Superboy Jon Kent, as he’s just learned that the Legion of Super-Heroes was her idea in the first place. Happily, Brainiac 5 manages […]

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Batman #91 review

Lots of bars have comedy nights, but few get to host the Joker. Barman Brent is less than thrilled, though, as the Clown Prince of Crime is spouting expository dialogue so vague that it’s not really very useful. On the streets of Gotham, crime tourist Deathstroke is finally free of bat-drones sicced on him by […]

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Superman #21 review

Mongul is down. The intergalactic despot has been punched to the ground by Superman, enraged that Mongul has wrecked a meeting of the leaders of the newly formed United Planets. To be more precise, he’s murdered several of them. That got Mongul attacked by the others a few minutes prior to the opening confrontation. Superman […]

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Marvels Snapshots: Sub-Mariner #1

The Big One is over and the heroes of World War Two have come home. But they’ve paid the price for victory, cop Betty Dean’s brothers among them. After a spat with Lloyd over his drinking, Betty takes her friend Namor, the Sub-Mariner, to Palisades Park. He’s just back from Europe and she’s determined to […]

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Young Justice #14 review

It’s a wet Wednesday morning in Scotland, I’ve work in an hour, coronavirus has everyone in a panic and I need some fun. And goodness me, Young Justice #14 delivers. Another recap page that’s as good looking as it is useful is followed by the gathering of the team. Make that the new team, sub-team, […]

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Justice League Odyssey #19 review

Darkseid has taken over Starfire and she’s working with a couple of other minions to take down her former Justice League allies. Said allies are hiding out with Epoch, the Lord of Time, whose mastery of time energy means he can hold off the bad guys. Heck, he’s even got time to run scenarios showing […]

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