Superman #704 review

The Grounded storyline having been grounded, here’s a fill-in, in which instead of Superman walking through small towns and getting introspective, Lois Lane walks through a small town and gets introspective. The small town in question is Rushmark, Indiana, which so far as I can tell, doesn’t exist in the real world – is that even […]

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Wonder Woman #604 review

The Burning Man fights Diana, his attempts at boring her to death with his long, tedious backstory having failed. A montage breaks out and Diana announces she’ll gladly die in battle if she takes him, the Amazons’ tormentor, with her. Don’t do it, cries the unexpected ghost of her mum, Queen Hippolyte. Do not darken […]

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Teen Titans #88 review

I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped this book, but here we go again – new creative team, new day. So hello to writer JT Krul, penciller Nicola Scott and inker Doug Hazlewood. A few members have departed since last I read this book – nasty Bombshell, lovely Aquagirl – but the rest of […]

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Supergirl Annual #2 review

Who wouldn’t grab a chance to be somewhere else when things get overwhelming at home. And when you’re a superheroine, the chances tend to be bigger. So it is that when her rocket trip back from the Bizarro World ends in the 31st Century, Supergirl decides to stay awhile. After several adventures with the Legion […]

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DC Universe: Legacies #6 review

There’s not an awful lot I want to say about the first story this month – it’s an equally fine continuation of (hover that cursor after these parentheses, too-subtle link ahoy!) last issue’s look at the Crisis on Infinite Earths epic, seen from the perspective of man on the street Paul Lincoln. It takes events forward […]

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Ragman: Suit of Souls #1 review

Ragman’s been around since the Seventies but never developed a fanbase. Truth be told, Rory Reagan comes across as just another Gotham vigilante, wandering around the rooftops in flowing cape and beating up bad guys. He’s become more of a mystical character down the years, but magic users don’t attract the greatest audiences. And the […]

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Legion of Super-heroes #6 review

This issue features two stories and a bonus page. The first half of the book sees the conclusion of the relaunched Legion’s first storyline, with the team reluctantly accepting Earth-Man, and vice versa. He’s still not happy with ‘offworlders’, but realises that trying to get along is the sanest solution. And yes, as I thought, Brainy […]

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Adventure Comics #519 review

Now that’s a standout cover from Scott Clark and David Beaty. I can’t recall the last time that the power of Brainiac 5 was foregrounded on a Legion book. And I love the smaller figures of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Superboy, as the Legion of Super-Farmers. Brainy is obviously clearing some land with his […]

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