All I want for 2019…

We’re in the final days of 2018 and it’s been a pretty entertaining year for comics, but I’m not a great one for retrospectives… I want to know What’s Next? Well, I don’t know, so let’s dream instead. Here are five things I’d like to see in 2018… and a wee PS. The Return of […]

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Happy Holidays!

Well, this year certainly flew by quicker than The Flash on Santa’s sleigh. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or something else, I hope you have the finest of times. And if you’ve not had the best of years, fingers crossed for a 2019 that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

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Freedom Fighters #1 review

It’s 1963 and the United States is under the boot of the Third Reich. Germany won the Second World War and a group of resistance fighters squirrelled away in the Texas Book Depository find a spark of hope in new visitors. It’s a light that is soon extinguished. The Spirit of America feels despair, but […]

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Aquaman #43 review

It’s a brand new day for Aquaman. Washed up on the shores of an unknown island after the Drowned Earth crossover, he’s been taken in by an old couple. Outside, a storm rages, and a young woman walks, scattering flowers over a dead rabbit. The Justice Leaguer has lost his memory, and no one seems […]

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Detective Comics #994 review

It’s the anniversary of the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. At Gotham Aquarium, a man and woman surgically altered to look like them are found dead in a tank, shot in exactly the same way. While not outwardly rattled, Batman forgets himself for a second. Across town, in Park Row – nicknamed Crime Alley […]

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Supergirl #25 review

Dog space suit! That’s my favourite thing in the first of three stories in Supergirl’s giant #25th issue. There’s other stuff in there, of course. Kara continuing her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction, aided by Coluan scientist Z’ndr Col. A fight with new baddie Splyce, the Caretaker of Krypton, which sounds like […]

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Superman #6 review

Rogol Zaar, the creature who says he killed Krypton, has been confronted by General Zod. A very angry General Zod. Superman is also in the Phantom Zone and in the second it takes for the battle to begin, the Man of Steel ponders just what to do. Before we see what his decision is, Superman […]

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Shazam! #1 review

With one magic word… six Captain Marvels? Well, no, the sextet of colour-coordinated kids channelling the old wizard’s powers in DC’s latest Shazam series aren’t going by the traditional name. As we join them in this sequel to Geoff Johns’ 2011 Justice League back-up they’ve been operating in Philadelphia for a year and haven’t come […]

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