Justice League United #16 review

Alanna Strange is telling a story. The tale of how, two months previously, the aftermath of Justice League United’s adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes led to the threat of the Breakers – deadly extra-dimensional incursions onto the Earth plane.  The first manifestation, an invisible barrier cutting across roads, occurs in Connecticut. Alanna, husband Adam, Stargirl, Animal Man […]

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Action Comics #13 review

Linus was right. The Great Pumpkin does bring wonderful gifts at Hallowe’en. What else could explain the best issue of Action Comics this year showing up in October? ‘The Ghost in the Fortress of Solitude’ is presented as a fable for a dark, autumn night, with an omniscient narrator telling us what happened on October […]

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Superman #710 review

It’s been obvious for a few months that Chris Roberson knows how to write Superman. He’s been subtly, sharply, shifting the focus of Superman’s personality back to the heroic guy he’s always been, prior to J Michael Straczynski’s Grounded storyline. Now we see that he gets Batman too, as Bruce Wayne catches up with Superman in […]

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