Static Shock #1 review

I’ve not read many comics with Static in them, just a handful of Teen Titans. Obviously a good kid, electrical powers, seems to use them to manipulate a flying disc. So here’s a chance for me to be pretty much the fresh reader whom the New 52 books hope to grab. Consider me ungrabbed. In […]

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Batman and Robin #19 review

Batman and Robin #19 comes with a stirring cover by upcoming penciller Patrick Gleason, working with Mark Irwin. Anyone else hear the opening bars of the Adam West TV show? The heart of this issue is a conversation between Una Nemo – the woman with the large hole in her head who calls herself The […]

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Batman and Robin #17 review

If this is a fill-in, could we put off the main event another couple of years? Paul Cornell takes over as Batman and Robin writer for three issues and produces an instant classic, honouring the tradition of entertainingly psychotic villains while somehow managing to find an original angle. What that is, I won’t spoil, as […]

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