Convergence: The Titans #1 review

In the year since Brainiac kidnapped Gotham City, placing it under a dome that takes away any superhuman abilities or advantages, sidekick-turned-adult hero Roy Harper has been doing good in a new way. A grant from the Wayne Foundation has funded a community centre in late daughter Lian’s name, and he’s keeping an eye out […]

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X-Men Gold #1 review

It’s the X-Men’s 50th anniversary year and Marvel have been celebrating by releasing umpteen new series … oh, hang on, that’s any old year for the X-Men. Ah well, here’s the most obvious marker I’ve come across, a double-sized comic featuring a gaggle of creators who made the X-Men great. Sadly, there’s no Dave Cockrum, […]

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Teen Titans #13 review

Cassie Sandsmark explains to Superboy and Red Robin how she came to be Wonder Girl. Accompanying her archaeologist mother Helena around the world, she was something of the master thief, stealing antiquities wherever they went. One day, a youth going by ‘Diesel’ steamrolled over her heart, and soon he was following the Sandsmarks around the […]

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Legion Lost #5 review

‘Never stopped you either, energy-sock.’ And there you have it, my favourite line in this week’s comics. But who said it? Stick around, embrace spoilers and I’ll get to that. As we rejoin the storyline, Dawnstar is fighting super-villain from the future Alastor – three of him, due to his manifesting the powers of a […]

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Legion Lost #4 review

The forward momentum nevers stops in this series, which follows a group of Legionnaires trapped in the 21st century out to stop a virus that’s turning humans into alien hybrids. This month sees Timber Wolf, Tyroc and Wildfire tackle the creature Chameleon Girl has become, as Tellus and Dawnstar search for Alastor, the terrorist who released the […]

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Legion Lost #3 review

Good Lord, what a horrible creature on that cover. It’s Dan DiDio in an OMAC tee shirt! Kidding … well, not about DC’s co-publisher, there he indeed is, just above the barcode. But I mean the monster Timber Wolf’s fighting. It’s one of the alien/human hybrids created by the Hypertaxis Plague released by 31st-century terrorist […]

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Legion Lost #2 review

After pursuing a terrorist into the 21st century, a team of Legionnaires find themselves trapped. Their time bubble is destroyed, their flight rings have cut out, a pathogen has been released into the air … and Chameleon Girl and Gates are missing, presumed dead, You might forgive WIldfire, Dawnstar, Timber Wolf, Tyroc and Tellus were […]

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Legion Lost #1 review

The Legion of Super-Heroes are among the DC characters least affected by the New 52 shake-up … at least in one sense. For while the continuity continues unchanged from last month, there is a big status quo alteration as a third of the membership is cast out of the 31st century Legion comic and into […]

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