Batgirl Annual #3 review

Now there’s a cover that teases. The first meeting of Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson since he was supposedly killed by Lex Luthor and went undercover with the super-secret Spyral organisation. Dick is in Gotham with partner Helena Bertinelli for some old spy guff. Kidnapped diplomats, secret weapon, blah blah. Babs is investigating the same […]

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Superman #42 review

Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and mystery woman Condesa are in the countryside outside Metropolis. They’ve escaped the gunmen who shot Clark at the end of last issue – he’s beaten up, but his powers are returning and he’s okay. Condesa says she’s a whistleblower for an evil organisation known as Hordr. This secret […]

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The Shrinking Man #1 review

The Incredible Shrinking Man creeped the hell out of me as a child. The movie version of Richard Matheson’s 1956 novel, it told the story of Scott Carey, who began shrinking at the rate of one-seventh of an inch each day. There was no happy ending… The film sent me to the novel, where Matheson’s […]

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DC Comics: Bombshells #1 review

Bombshell: ‘An unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one; a very attractive woman’Well, there are attractive women aplenty in this debut DC Digital offering – or should I say broads, dames maybe – but it’s miles from unpleasant. From the first page’s spin on young Bruce Wayne’s movie trip to the stylish final page […]

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Cyborg #1 review

Hey, Cyborg has a life? Who knew? Not me, and I’ve been following him in Justice League for three years. There, he’s basically a talking Boom Tube with a very loud whisk attachment. Here, he’s a guy with feelings, friends, maybe even a bright future. We join Victor Stone shortly after his latest JL sortie […]

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Justice League 3001 #2 review

Here she comes to save the day. Supergirl arrives on Takron Galtos as the Justice League fights the drone slaves of Starro. The Flash, Teri Magnus, has been zooming around the planet, looking for the prime Starro – dealing with the cosmic jellyfish dictator will free his thralls, but she’s had no luck. Can a […]

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Secret Six #4 review

Last issue we saw how the new Secret Six members were coping with hiding out from Mockingbird in suburbia. This time we see how they got there. Blame some unavoidable production schedule shuffling after the just-launched book went awol for months. Happily, last issue was a hugely entertaining done-in-one, and this issue follows suit. Both […]

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Batman/Superman #22 review

Superman is in Gotham on the trail of tech that could kill him. New Batman Jim Gordon wants to arrest the newly outed Clark Kent, insisting that he can’t be trusted. Lucius Fox’s energy research lab has been targeted by tech raiders. And an old enemy of Superman shows up to scratch a grudge.  And […]

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Batman #42 review

Just massively entertaining. That’s what this second outing for Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s new Batman is. It’s hard to remember that I don’t like the idea of a RoBatman when the reality is so much fun.  This issue features a new Batmobile, a Bat-app, good advice from Maggie Sawyer and Julia Pennyworth, a fresh […]

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