New Warriors #1 review

The New Warriors are back. Or rather, A New Warriors, as this Marvel Now revamp features only a couple of the originals from the Nineties hit. So we have Justice and Speedball, and that’s about it. There’s the new Nova, and a new Namora, the new Sun Girl, the new Scarlet Spider and sidekick Hummingbird, […]

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Ragman: Suit of Souls #1 review

Ragman’s been around since the Seventies but never developed a fanbase. Truth be told, Rory Reagan comes across as just another Gotham vigilante, wandering around the rooftops in flowing cape and beating up bad guys. He’s become more of a mystical character down the years, but magic users don’t attract the greatest audiences. And the […]

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Superman 683 review

Behind one of Alex Ross’s constipated elderly Superman covers, here’s the penultimate part of New Krypton and events crank up a gear as the JSA, JLA, Starfire and Steel confront Superman over the small matter of Kandorians murdering Earth policemen and generally stomping carelessly around the planet. Superman tries to evoke the Code of Dibs […]

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Superman 681 review

Part 2 of the New Krypton storyline running through the Superman family of books, kicks off with an attractive Alex Ross cover showing flying Kandorians, marred only by his usual chubby Superman, and a fugly event banner at the top. Not the unknown designer’s greatest moment. Inside, a dull page one – the cliched TV […]

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